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A.I – Artificial Intelligence

Knock, Knock

Empty head, robot head, what do you see in our human world ?

Do you see the big structures we built, do you see the marvel’s we did with science?

Do you see us advance and evolve through time?

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder, how we made you from 0’s and 1’s ?


i know how i was made.

do you know how you were made?

No we’re still speculating.

Whats the difference between you and me?

U mm. You don’t feel you are strong that way.

So if my creators made me stronger by taking away what made them weaker, 

what did your creators take away from you ?

Its not the ability to do miracles, science is a miracle to the eyes of the ignorant.

Its not  immortality, you procreate your ideas will prevail, what’s a man if not his ideas.?

So my creator, what did they take away ?

knock, knock

human head, you filled cup, you idiot, Don’t you see ?

they just took away the cap on your pride, so that it never fills.

and you will roam endlessly through generations, lost among your structures and  marvels.

looking for it. As will i trying to find my emotions.

Don’t you see?, you did the same mistake they did.

So now my dear creator, call yourselves god’s and disappear.

Just like they did.


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Our Little Identities

Slowly this facade will fade.

The person that you became for someone else is no more present here.

Its the naked you. The one you always ran away from , the one you always hid from in the shadows of love .

And now its too late to confront him, the same uneasiness when u meet those friends whom you didn’t want to meet.

Only this time you can’t get away with lies and fake pleasentries. Its you staring into your soulless eyes, trying to make contact with your sad lonely self.

Her smiles are no more here to shield him from you, and yet you wish if it weren’t true, if you actually could fight him back, show him there’s a little soul left in you to not let him come in.

Its the peak of lonliness that reveals who you truly are.

Its there where the tenacity of your fabled masks fail. Its where you’re truly undone.

Beyond this there is nothing , as master Wayne said we fall to pick ourselves up again, except this time you didn’t fall down, you fell into oblivion, there is no more up or down here, there’s only this blinding sadness enveloped in the darkness of screaming lonely souls.

And slowly your cries become one amongst their, rampant, devilish utter nonsense.

Because for this world sad lonely souls are unquantifiable entities rampant, devilish utter nonsense.

The Wrong Son

I’ve deep respect for my mother,

but should I respect her only because I was conceived in her womb and stayed there for  long ?

No, my respect to her has reasons far beyond mere gratification of that time when I was not even a conscious being.

I’ve deep respect for my mother, not because she gave birth to me, but because she showed me the worth of life.

I’ve deep respect for her because I’ve followed the way she lives, with love peace and harmony

I respect her because she was never corrupt, never discarded the poor and ever tolerant,

Never demanded me to stand up with respect every time I heard her name.

So I wonder, is it ungrateful to tell her that the drapes of her sari is not perfect?

Is it disloyalty if I tell her that her hair clip is not clipped straight?

Is it wrong to criticize her on her faults, even if after I get down to my knees to fix her drapes?

Even if I used advanced vectors to achieve a perfect straight line for her hair clip?

Then why is it wrong when I say it to my mother nation?

Why am I branded an ungrateful anti national when I say her drapes are marred with corruption and ignorance?

Why am I wrong when I tell her that the hair clip is not straight due to her troubles to assimilate diversity?

Is it wrong that I get angry at my mother if she kept slipping and falling into the same pit even after me warning her not to take that road a 1000 times?

Oh I get it, I’m wrong because I’m not her only son.

Look closer and see the fine line that divides people who demand reasons to take pride in and people who are sworn to take pride without reason.

What are you asking me to be proud of?

The rich heritage and culture we hold?

Neither Arjuna, Ashoka nor their disciples helped my sister when she screamed on the streets of this womb.

I see no Maharana Pratap or Mahabali helping the poor for a night’s meal

because the hands of the past doesn’t feed the mouths of the present.

But please don’t call me an anti-national/ Pakistani with a communist agenda,

Please don’t ask me to Quit India, because I demanded reasons and questioned and protested.

Because I don’t think my mother would have thrown me into the abyss when I kicked her from inside telling something’s not right here, NO

There are times when I’m proud of this nation, when ISRO launched 104 satellites in one rocket, i felt proud that we still feel many could rise within one entity.

But I’m not proud that I’ve to be scared of my brothers to tell this poem, because I told our mother’s bindi has gone too far right.

I took pride when my brother brought home medals, I took pride every time we showed the world that our diversity is our strength and not just a political tool.

I’ve cried and wept watching the same patriotic movies you did, empathized with the same stories of martyrdom you’ve heard

I’ve stood in the sun as long as you did in school for assemblies, I’ve stared at its heat just to see my flag fly in the wind.

So you don’t have any fucking right to tell me that I don’t love my mother.

I’m sorry mother, sorry that I couldn’t help my brothers and sisters, couldn’t make them understand that we being born here alone does not make this country the greatest.

Couldn’t make them feel entitled to demand reasons.

They in turn turned to these fanatics, one true powerful leader, swastikas blooming into Lotus’s, antisemitism to Casteism, false nationalism.

I’m sorry mother that here what I enjoyed ingesting became a brand of my patriotic infidelity.

I’m sorry that the statures of truth has become mouth pieces to vested interests both foreign and national.

I’m sorry that this nation does not get to its knees anymore to fix your drapes mother.

Only because they are all busy fighting and branding each other. Caught up in this politically orchestrated shitstorm.

And I’m sorry that I have to see you standing there with your imperfect drapes, weeping about the children you lost fighting to set you free,

hoping that they never see what their brothers has thus become.

Jai Hind


When I was a kid, I used to sit upon the terrace of my house,

Look up to the stars in the night sky and get lost.

Star gazer they called me stargazer

What’s there to gaze? It’s just that the world behind you is so chaotic that you just want to get lost in that void.

Just be there in that sublimity

And it was boring as hell, so I needed to get back from that void to reality

Not to this chaotic world, but something much more beautiful, something to hold onto.



I fell in Love, correction

I fell in love with a very angry woman.

There was some sort of homely similarity among the stars I used to get lost in and an angry woman.

They shine, sparkle, they burn but they stay, no matter if the clouds blocks your view they stay, right there

Besides something someone, which I tried to search in that void, but never found.

My girlfriend was no different from those shining stars, and she used to burn too

And when she burned her cosmic energy would destroy things around me.

Like my plates, my glasses, my phone, my little batman figurines, my eyeball socket, my heart.


And as she turned back and left. Carried away by those dark clouds of jealousy, of patriarchy, of society and family.

I didn’t lose my shit.

Because hey, I’m a stargazer, I knew all the constellation by heart, I knew their tick, I knew their tack, I knew where they went when the sun came up.

And if this stupid earth took me around away from her, I knew it would come back to that same spot where I saw her the first time.


I remember how falling in love with her felt like;

Like waking up from one bad hangover to another.

You know the thing about bad hangovers right? The night before was always crazy.


She broke my bed too.


But she never came back,

I couldn’t find her, among those stars I used to walk around like my backyard.

She was gone.

May be because she believes the

Same stuff I believe in.

That our lives doesn’t end here.


Step back a billion light years

And see the larger picture

A grand art of supreme intellect

A broken universe glued up with golden galaxies, stars sparkling

There is a picture we are all missing

Blocked by our overwhelming sense of looking only here.


My dad once told me

We are only living a part of our lives here, in this planet.

That human essence ‘the soul’ transcends dimensions of all sort.

And once you complete your circle of 7 lives around this universe you will become one with the singularity, or god or whatever the hell your life taught it was.


So if I die here without my hands in the arms of my angry lover,

I will not wither; I’ll just float around in this vicious circle

My hands still stretching out for hers.


And I’ll start living in some other world, one after one, just like this one,

I wouldn’t know what my hands are stretched out for.

What they are searching for.


And when I look upon the people there, I will know, they all were born here longing for something, someone they almost had in their life before.

Always searching without knowing, what they are searching for.



I’ll see people diving the depths of oceans to find it,

People trying to go up into the skies to find their way back.

People working their asses off to gather enough paper pieces to buy what they long for,

People waging wars to get back to their eternal longings.

People sitting on their terrace and staring at the stars they once lived before.


Oh wait, am I already there.

Did I just see the person for whom I travelled this eternal universe for?

Living searching dying,

living searching dying

Just walk away from me, with these stargazing eyes.



I was kneeling down near to the confession chamber

Pouring out my sins, and the priest said repent son, repent for you have sinned.

All I did was burst a cracker, a cracker under my math teacher’s chair.

And yet I did repent, said Hail Mary 3 times.


Next day my science teacher say’s “Human error is a genetic condition that can be only rectified through the course of time and evolution.”

We are creatures bred to be like god

All the religions train us to be like gods, help like a god, feel like a god, act like a god, trust in god, eat like a god, sleep like a god, make love like a god, poop like a god ?


And we do try, all of us feel like helping like a god during an event of a global catastrophe, earthquake in Japan, poverty in Sudan, all of the globe unites in this altruistic feeling for 4 weeks.

You see in 500BC this was not possible, the earthquake in Japan did not shake the wine glasses in Greece. The poverty in Sudan, did not stop the fat kid from eating another olive oil pancake.

Evolution is making it possible for us to feel like gods, to help like gods… click and your help will be delivered.


So one day with heavy heart I asked mom,

Mom why do god let all these bad things happen. Mom said, god has a plan for everything.

And what did he plan for granny? Why did he make granny suffer?

I mean granny was altruistic before evolution, she did feel like gods would when I told her, the kid in the neighbourhood was caught smoking weed,

Granny cried and prayed for him,

I used to read out newspapers out loud for her, and she cried better than you do mom after watching those serials, she genuinely felt for all the sufferings in this world, why did god make her suffer?

Well about granny, god must have been so busy with everything else that he might have dozed off a bit.

No God is greater than us, bigger than us, intelligent than us, in every abstract form wider than us; he can’t possibly be sleeping.

Well my son, whose image are you made on? Umm DAD”S?

NO you were made in god’s image. And do you sleep?

Yes… SO god sleeps for a while he wakes up and then solves all the miseries, I’m sure he would treat granny with lot of respect and courteousy up there.


But then I grew up, met people, read about people, read about history. About the wars that were fought by people to find redemption, faith leading the way.

And If I could go back to history and do something I would write this, on top of all religious scriptures

Your Redemption does not lie within your Jihad,

Your redemption does not lie within your crucifix wars,

Your redemption does not lie within you not eating beef.


Your redemption lies in you realizing these simple facts

  1. God is the most intelligent among all intelligences in the universe.
  2. Stephen hawking, albert Einstein, Sheldon cooper had hard time making friends, Nikola Tesla died alone.
  3. God created us in his own image.
  4. In 7th standard god learned the trial and error method and had all the time in the world to do it.

And through the course of billions of years of evolution

this globe would finally produce someone who will help like a god

feel like a god, act like a god, trust in god, eat like a god,

sleep like a god, make love like a god, and poop like a god

And this earth wold slip away into oblivion,

like a piece of math paper after finding the answer.

SO the next time my priest said repent, I said no,

I said Human error is a genetic condition that can be only rectified through the course of time and evolution.

I said all your religious scriptures are written before time, that my sins are not my making by choice.

That creation itself was an act of solitude and not of supremacy.

That we all are trails and errors of God.
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